Our story - how it all began

Strategic Alliance International finds its roots stretching back as far as 1978 when the first seeds were planted in what would become a business adventure with the fastest growing economy in the world. Our story is our value.

The story begins more than 37 years ago, when former Danish Member of Parliament and founder of Strategic Alliance International Niels Ahlmann-Ohlsen, at the age of 25, went to India to set up a shoe factory in Pune, Maharashtra. The business venture turned in to deep personal friendships and an ever-expanding business network in India, both of which are at the very heart of what we do in Strategic Alliance International.

Having worked, grown and built ventures in India and abroad in close collaboration with Indian counterparts, the business was formalized as Strategic Alliance International to assist and help Danish and other European companies create value in the Indian market and vice versa. Thus becoming a bridge between our continents.

Being the bridge between Europe and India, we have also established a strong partnership network in Germany and the EU where SAI has helped a number of reputed Indian companies entering the European markets.

In close alliance with our partners, we are striving to identify ambitious business activities and concepts, which we believe holds significant scalability potential (whether it may be Indian market entry or finding the route for Indian commerce into Europe).

Today, we are working closely together with a line of Indian partners in Mumbai, New Delhi, Pune and Ahmedabad.